Creamy Pea Soup without cream, possible?

One pot pea soup with zucchini and black bean pasta and edamame

Today an answer to a question but first a happy accident. Recipe on the blog tonight.

The happy accident

I added a fresh zucchini to my pea soup. I dont like to throw away food and dont keep my veggies longer than a couple of days in the fridge.  I like freshhh stuff. Result of my Einstein move, a thick creamy pea soup  without even using cream #divine.

Now, we can all start saving on cream (and calories) #whoopwhoop. Moreover, the zucchini adds extra flavor too. Girlsss, this is not a dieting tip, I don’t believe in dieting! I believe in making foods healthier and being smart about the foods you eat if you want to watch your weight or health.

What is dieting? As soon as you don’t eat enough calories (1600-1800 cal/day), you are dieting and to me that’s a big no no. Although you need healthy fats every day and plant based creams (soy, almond, rice creams) are not unhealthy but they contain fat anyhow. Read the ingredients lists when you buy food, don’t stress though : a zucchini contains o.o fat.

Bon, how I turned the pea soup into a meal soup? If you don’t want to use meat in your pea soup  – meat contains protein and protein help to satisfy you quicker than carbs –  you can add other food which contain loads of protein such as beans, lentils and plant based pasta’s like black bean pasta, green soy bean (edamame) pasta, lentil pasta, quinoa pasta which are all #glutenfree and contain much less carbs than regular (wheat) pasta.

Today I used black bean pasta for the first time (from Wholefoods in London), which turns out not to be black rather brown-ish when cooked.

You can buy plant based pasta’s online or in most organic (bio) stores. Only thing, they are rather expensive. Why why whyyyy healthy foods are so expensive?? But it is what what it is. I tell myself, that I deserve the best foods so I rarely stress over the cost of food. Remember, stress is way much unhealthier than the crappiest foods in the world. #namaste #plantbasedpasta #pimpedmypeaswithzucchini



Recipe – Serves 2 à 3 p  – Time :  25 minutes


1 small bag (organic) frozen peas –  1  zucchini, peeled if not organic and cut – 1 clove garlic, peeled and cut – water  – 1 vegetable stock cube – 1 teaspoon thyme – salt & pepper to taste – fresh basil to season

add ons : 1 bag frozen edamame – 1  bag of dry black bean pasta

How to?

  1. Put a cooking pot on the stove, add in all ingredients and cover with hot water (you save a lot of time using hot water).
  2. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to medium-low and simmer for 20 minutes.
  3. Pour soup into blender/food processor and blend until smooth.
  4. Meanwhile while your soup is simmering away, put a cooking pot on the stove and cook pasta (as indicated on the packaging).
  5. Meanwhile put the edamame (unpeeled) into a bowl and place in the micro wave for 5 to 6 minutes or until cooked. Only peel when cooked.
  6. Divide the soup evenly between bowls, and top with black bean pasta and edamame.
  7. Season with pepper and salt and fresh leaves of basil.
  8. Get inspired & enjoy!

Questions, email me :

Until next time, Love, Mich. XO


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