Raspberry Goodness

Smoothies are part of me!  I love love love smoothies, I can be endlessly creative with ingredients, so I never ever get bored making smoothies.My blender is the best boyfriend I ever had #hahaha

Smoothies are such an easy way to add more fruit and veggies to your diet. If you have kiddies who don’t like fruit or veggies, try smoothies!! Ask them to help you, they love watching foods swirl in blenders. They think its magic and they are right  : smoothies are magic!

I don’t like apples and kiwi myself, but these are the 2 fruits I use most in my green smoothies. Kiwi’s are very low in sugar (my nutritionist told me that 1 kiwi counts only as half a piece of fruit compared to bananas which count as 2 pieces of fruit because they contain much more sugar. Don’t think bananas are bad, they are NOT, they are delicious, they just contain more sugar).

A smoothie state of mind

Currently, I prefer smoothies (compared with juicing ) cause you keep the fiber of the fruits and veggies so smoothies fills you up much longer and if you add condiments just like healthy fats ( nuts, avocado, chia or other seeds, ….), super foods  (Chlorella, Spirulina, Wheat grass powder, Green powder mix, … ) protein (like vegan of regular protein powders), you can turn them into a breakfast, lunch or a great snack!

And you can sweeten smoothies easily with stevia, which is to me – a gods gift, a miracle!!

When you heat stevia, it gets – again, according to me – a horrible after taste but for cold and frozen foods, its the best! No Calories!! The perfect boyfriend, so to say.



  •  1 glass of soy yogurt
  • 1 glass of frozen berries
  • 1 splash of lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon stevia
  • 1 tablespoon of vegan protein powder
  • a couple of mint leaves (optional)

About the ingredients :  be adventurous and just use what you have, meaning :

  • the soy yogurt : if you don’t have soy yogurt or you have a soy allergy, use almond of coconut yogurt if you want a vegan version. Or just use regular yogurt, if you don’t mind your smoothie not being vegan. If you don’t have yogurt, just use milk. Any milk will do. If you are calorie conscious, use half yogurt/half milk or half yogurt/half water. Know that yogurt contains more calories than (regular) milk. Learn to read labels, all food contain an ingredients & calorie list. I never use non fat products, cause most of the time they contain loads of chemicals to make up for the flavor lost by not using fat. I just use a little less of  vegan dairy and add some water. You need healthy fats. If my budget allows it, I use organic unsweetened vegan milk. If not, I just use regular vegan milk. I alternate between soy, almond, nut, hemp or oat milk. I have loads of allergies and I discovered that drinking non dairy milk helped a lot to reduce the sneezing business. For real.
  • Raspberries : use whatever berries you have, if you use frozen berries, your smoothies get a thickness and a creamy texture – which I really like. You can substitute raspberries with black berries, blue berries, and even other fruits such as mango, pineapple. Be creative is the message. Using frozen fruits, you dont need ice cubes!
  • Stevia : you can replace stevia with honey, agave or maple syrup. I avoid using regular sugar, according to me … its bad.You wont die, eating white refined sugar but it is bad, like in Michael Jackson BAD. It peaks your blood sugar level and contains practically no nutrients which are good for you.
  • Protein powder: by adding protein powder, you get more nutrients such as protein and your smoothie will quenches your hunger much longer.

How to : just put all ingredients in the blender, swirl until you have a smooth delicious happy smoothie.

I can go on and on .. about smoothies. I soon will post loads of new smoothie recipes, PROMISED  !

Have a great day. XO








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