Ginger Zingers


Ginger shots are the best

Energizing ginger shots, they wake you up, faster than coffee, green tea or the wind haha.

You get a real ZINGGG! Its a shot of vitamin C, antioxidants and loads of metabolism-waker-uppers and anti-inflammatory stuff!

There is no ginger shot police, so you can be creative … the only required ingredient is fresh ginger. duh??

Recipe  1 inch/ 2.5 cm fresh  ginger root, peeled – 1/2 lemon juice  or lime juice *** – 1 kiwi (or apple or only the juice of an apple, 1 tsp stevia, … it needs to be something sweet) – 1/2 glass of water or green tea. Optional : a pinch of cayenne, chlorella powder, spirulina powder, wheat grass powder or green mix powder.

** you can substitute lemon or juice with orange juice, but I don’t really like orange juice too much. The juice needs to be freshly squeezed, that’s important.

Mix it, I don’t even use my blender. Just a mixer, it takes one minute. If its your first ginger shot, it will give you a boost, be prepared!

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